CBD Tincture Drops

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CBD Oral Drops:

Instant relief is exactly what our CBliss CBD Drops are made for. With nearly immediate effects, you are sure to feel (or not feel) exactly what you are looking for. Relax, relieve, and energize. Alongside the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of our CBD oil, we create a special blend using MCT oil which in turn provides further benefit such as aiding in skincare, hair growth and even providing a daily boost in energy/mood.

Comes in 35 ml glass bottle

Available in 10 mg per serving ( 325 mg total ) or 15 mg per serving ( 500 mg total )

What is CBD Oral Drops:

CBD Oral drops are best used under the tongue as CBD Drops under tongue. 

How to take cbd oil drops?

There are many ways you can take CBD oil. It all depends on how strong the oil is. Our 250mg Cannabis oral Oils is a good starting point. You place five CBD oral drops on your tongue, hold them there for between 30-60 seconds, and repeat this three times per day. However, you can also use your CBD oral drops in a smoothie, juice, or your morning cup of coffee. CBD can also be used to enhance the taste of coffee.

How many drops of cbd oil under tongue?

A 10-mL CBD oil bottle contains 200 drops. CBD oral drops