Is it Legal to buy and smoke CBD hemp flower?

Hemp has been legal at a federal level in the U.S. since December 2018. Some states, however, have prohibited the use of smokable hemp due its physical and aromatic likeness to cannabis and the difficulty it’s causing law enforcement in telling the two apart.

How does CBD hemp flower affect drug tests?

If you are subject to drug testing and stand to lose your job or other opportunities due to a failed drug test we do not recommend smoking CBD flower.

In most cases, regular drug tests will not pick up on the low amount of THC in the hemp plant (≤ .3%). However, your test could result in a false positive result for THC if the test is very sensitive.

You are better off finding a CBD isolate. Meaning a product that has been stripped of all cannabinoids except for the CBD.

Will the flower give me a "high"?

No. The “high” feeling that is associated with cannabis is caused by the THC cannabinoid. To be classified as hemp, flower must contain 0.3% THC or less, which isn’t anywhere near enough to make you feel high.

Due to the complete lack of intoxicating compounds in legal hemp flower, smoking it won’t impair your motor skills or judgment in any way whatsoever.

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