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Enlightenment At It's Finest

What CBD Can Do for You

About Us

Here at CBlissCBD, we believe in the therapeutic benefits of properly curated and very aromatic CBD hemp flower. We aren't here to just give you a plant or lotion as something you can just pass time with. We are here to introduce you to what CBliss is all about. Quality.

As a company, we have seen our ancestors previously use herbs and natural products to benefit their everyday life, so why can't you? The answer is that now you can. With such a wide variety of options and remedies, it is now easier than ever before to reach the state of bliss that you may seek.


No matter what product i’ve chosen, each and every one has exceded my expectation. Which is exactly why I always come back to Cbliss for more.

Jacobi Johnson


After a late night run I love to drink a cup of CBliss Tea to ease my mind and just relax. We all deserve a break and CBliss Lavender Tea always gives me the one that I deserve.

Gabriella Flor


Each and every week we will have new promotions and deals made just for you! Stay tuned for more exclusive products and discounted prices.

FREE Sampler Box of Teas!

All customers will recieve a FREE box of our sampler tea collection upon any purchase of 40 dollars or more!

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